The Death of Me (Welcome!)

If I don’t write, whether you receive it or not, it’ll be the death of me. The blogs put here have no fireworks. Bummer right? It’s just a journey I live as sometimes to be honest…I don’t want to. You may believe I am seeking attention. You may believe it’s all in my head. You may believe a lot of things, but I. DO. NOT. CARE. I write because someone out there may relate. Because someone needs to know they are not alone.

Look…I don’t know what I am about post on this bad boy, but I can tell you, I won’t put up anything I don’t believe in when comes to death, mental illness, suicide, religious beliefs (I felt you cringe on that one, no worries, I did too) and life trying to be a “good” person who struggles with “bad” thoughts.

Why is my blog important enough for you to keep coming back?

  • How many people do you know personally struggling with a mental illness or has suicidal thoughts or attempts?
  • How many people have you met that had a career looking the data of a city’s violent deaths which resulted in viewing over 400 homicides and over 150 suicides?
  • How many people do you know who struggle mentally and emotionally while trying to see if it fits their faith or religious beliefs?
  • Do you identify with me in any way?
    • Physically (Considered overweight, but growing in loving my Blasian body),
    • Mentally or Emotionally (Depression and Anxiety with a dash of PTSD),
    • Spiritually (Actively Practicing Biblical Sacrificial, Non Judgemental Love),
    • Socially (letting go of toxic relationships or even relationships that were good, but not best for you)
    • Personally (Are you a living breathing human being trying to take life one step at a time, one day at time even when it hurts?)

Friggin fantastic. We’re friends already.

To be transparent:

  • I’m both blogging and journaling because I need to get my thoughts out of my own head and out to find comfort and maybe someone else who can identify with me.
  • You’ll mainly find thoughts I’ve been too ashamed or afraid to share, so welcome to my leap of faith
  • I want to connect somehow with you, yes YOU, personally. I’m convinced that there you can “touch” someone without ever physically touching them.
  • If this blog is successful, I’ll publish a book about what you’ve read here, so it’s available for anyone and everyone with or without technology for future generations

So…you ready? Let’s get this party started.

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