Ghosts – Poem

I remember when my world changed and I opened up my soul
And allowed my heart to feel the things I thought were once too bold
I used to never let myself have the wishes my spirit requested
I’d ask for permission in the form of advice; waiting for approval or rejection
I used people’s opinions as a means to guide me to the things I thought I wanted
But as time passed, I realized the only thing I often felt was haunted.
Haunted by ME! What a betrayer I thought; I thought I was doing so well
But to live my life through the approval of others is its own kind of personal hell
In all of my yielding to another’s thoughts, I allowed them control over my life
And the more I did it, the more ghosts arrived, and with them, disappointment and strife
I’ve been living another’s wishes, all their wants, all their goals and dreams for my God-given soul
I’ve fulfilled empty expectations reaping barren treasure chests that gave me no joy of my own
I looked at the phantoms and forgave myself for not pursuing my own passions worth my hassle
Years from now, looking back, I want proof of that I lived, not ghosts in my memory’s castle.

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