Made of Stardust – Poem

I am made of stardust, the earth shivers under my skin
Glittering diamonds robust with lust for the mystery buried within
I kiss the sky and watch it quake and shake to commandeer
The lightning, thunder tearing asunder the fragile atmosphere
In a desperate attempt to make amends for the troubles that I cause
I shove my cheeks beget with tears into hands covered in gauze
Crumbling beneath a facade of perfection dismissive of my flaws
See, I am made of stardust, a cosmic meteoroid stone
Impressive from a distance, larger than life, an origin unknown
An unearthly disaster in a breathless space, only God is the one who polices
Thousands of fiery miles per hour, shattering planets to pieces
The destruction I cause, I never did mean, wanting contact to be friendly in the making
I should have forewarn, I know no subtlety; I dont know how to touch without breaking.

-Kamalia july1st2019

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