Minutes to Never – Poem

I woke up this morning, eyes still red and puffy, dried streaks of tears once there,
My heart still heavy, burdened, A levee, by the memories we once shared
One life, one moment, one laugh, one love; flooding thoughts of my soul about you
Not one minute, one smile, one touch in a while, until I am in heaven with you
“I don’t know how I’ll make it,” I think to myself as every tomorrow now comes without you
One step, One prayer, One day at time is what I’ll need to make it through,
You’ve run the good race at God’s given pace; you’ve taught me His way again and again
The tears may still run but a smile now comes as I know that this isn’t the end.
I’m here on earth while you’re heavenbound; the Lord called you home and you answered His call
Though this hurts so much, I’m glad to have known you for a minute than never at all.

2 thoughts on “Minutes to Never – Poem

  1. They say it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, but what do you do with that gaping hole in your heart? They say time will heal it, but how can time fill the void? No one can ever take her place. The hole will remain. “One step, One prayer, One day at time…” until you meet again. God bless you. Your poem is so tender and raw. I love it. ❤


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