Fairytales – Poem

In all the world of fantasy, my lore is not the norm.

I have secrets in my castles that must not be born.

I must warn all the kindly knights of the perils of this journey,

The dragon slayed, the maiden saved, counting your sacrifice worthy.

And yes, you may be noble, you may be kind, you may be meek,

And you may wear shining armor and ride upon a trusty steed.

I’m scared to let you find me, if the truth be told.

And I doubt that you’ll still love me if I let myself unfold.

If you expect a damsel in distress, it’s true, that’s what you’ll find,

But that’s the only familiarity in my Once Upon a Time.

What fairytales don’t tell you is that characters can change.

Even morals of the story can be completely rearranged.

That villains turn out heroes and fairy godmothers have no magic.

And that happily-ever-afters may, in fact, end tragic.

But how do you think our story ends, before it has begun,

When the knight’s surprised to find that I, the maiden, and dragon are one?

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