Who’s the Invisible Man? – Poem

Have you noticed the invisible man behind the bloody scenes?
In every news cast of the slain, he’s all I’ve ever seen.

Yes, he is invisible but can be seen by few
By those who seek to understand the truth beyond the news

He is famous, but ignored by the devious lot
When I ask people around me, some have seen him, some have not.

Though you catch a glimpse of him through the cameras on your phones,
The nature of his being is still a mystery unknown

I noticed, once, him kneeling, defying social orders
I’ve spotted him at rallies, and I’ve seen him at the border

He was at every trial where the assaulter walked off free
He’s walked international marches of millions displayed on your TV

I managed to catch him, finally, at a meeting I attended
And approached him when the crowd dispersed after everything ended

I felt the need to ask him about his identity
And question his intentions and all that he believes.

He told me “I’m not human, but I’ve traveled amongst your lot,
I know exact causes of global problems though the world may not,

I know of all the secrets that were carried to the graves,
And I can show you every closet of every skeleton ever saved,

I can show you the broken frames behind each picture perfect image
Where inconvenience is standard for the poor but is oppression to the privileged

I know the bribes of the corrupt behind each accursed deal
But don’t expect me to take your side, no matter how justified you feel

I’m acquainted with your trigger points and know your addictions well
And I know what happened in the room when they told you not to tell.

I know what your intentions are before the deed is done,
Until I am acknowledged, no lasting change can ever come

There is no slaying I have seen where I didn’t shake my head
And though I am alive and well, most believe I’m dead

I and my Maker seek to rid you all of this deceit, But you all seem to be entrapped by the lies you all believe

Since I had the chance, I asked him “Who are you?”

He replied “I have no formal name, but humanity calls me Truth.”

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