Grief: Kid’s Book Narrative Idea

Ideally, each kid’s book will have one word that it is focused on and an animal with that theme word so the book can be picked up used by child of any nationality. For this book, Grief, I imagined Giraffes as the characters instead of people. I’m channeling a bit of my younger self in this when I lost my mom, so yes there is a reference to my faith as well. My dad just didn’t know how to commuinicate grief to me and my brothers as he was grieving too. Maybe this will help someone.

[Little girl on her bed in her room, dressed in black facing a window. Her father comes in wearing a black suit.]


Yes Sweet Pea?

What’s an Angel?

An angel? 

Yeah, Grandma said that mommy is an angel now. That’s why we can’t see her anymore.  *sniff

Oh…I understand now. An angel is…*sniff* well… someone very special that God picks to be with Him in heaven. 

Do you believe in God, Daddy?

I don’t know, little one. It’s hard for Daddy to feel like there is a God when hard things like this happen.

But who is God and why did He take my mommy? Couldn’t he take someone else?

I know…I know it’s really hard sweetie. Not seeing Mommy anymore. 

I…just…I just want Mommy, Daddy. I just want Mommy.

[Dad picks her up and page pause scene and holds little girl]

It’s ok to be sad. It’s ok to be mad. Daddy is mad and sad mommy is not here anymore too.

You are?

Yes, Sweet Pea. Daddy loved Mommy. Still love her, even now, though we can’t see her anymore. *sniff But you know the good thing about being an angel?


There are really, really special ones called guardian angels that watch over people all over the world. They protect the people that God asks them to watch over.

Gasp* Really? That sounds really important! 

It is. It is. And I’ll bet you anything that if Mommy is with God in heaven that He’s asked her to be a guardian angel over you and me.

But…I still won’t be able to see her will I?

No, little one. I’m afraid not. 


You know, little one, remember when Daddy said, it’s ok to feel sad and mad?Well, it is ok to feel those things. They are not bad feelings. 

They’re not? They don’t feel good.

Haha, I know. But they are very important.


Well, why do you think you feel sad or mad right now?

Because…I want mommy. I love mommy and I miss her a lot. 

Very good sweet pea. If we didn’t love mommy, we wouldn’t feel so sad or mad. When people lose someone they love, it is hard to think of life without that person who passed away. Living a life without them seems a bit more…well…empty.

And unfair.

[Head nods] Yes, little one, that too.

Daddy, will I ever stop feeling mad or sad?

Hmm…I don’t know little one. I don’t know it for me either. We love Mommy so much that it will be hard to not miss her smiles, laughter…


Hey, haha, I can cook too, you know. Haha. But sweet pea, always remember that Mommy loved you and me very VERY much. I don’t know if or when we won’t feel sad or mad, but we can take as much time as we need. It will be hard without her, but we can do this together. One day at time. And though mommy is gone, we will remember who she was and how much she meant to us.

Like..on the days we miss her the most?

Especially, on the days where we miss her the most.

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