Our days are numbered. You don’t have to be a believer in God to understand that everybody passes from this earth someday. Death will take anyone and everyone at any time through a variety of means. Unlike humanity, death does not discriminate: the youngest and the oldest, any and every race, the famed and unknown, the wealthy and the destitute, the prime of life to the poorest in health, EVERYONE. We can neither negotiate with death nor bribe life. So live. 

Have regrets; they make you better at decision making. Make mistakes; they’ll show you the right way. Take a risk; it’ll show you how far you can go. Let relationships go; they’ll show you what you deserve. Have your heart broken; it’ll show you how strong you are. But whatever you do…don’t live life in fear of death. But respect its presence humbly as you know there is a “final ending” for you and for me. 

We don’t normally get to pick what day we die, but we do often get to choose how we live before death. You and I only have one life to live. To love. To be. To do. Look, just make it one where those left behind in your absence may feel the sting of your death but will be healed by the honey of your life well lived. Well loved. Well “was.” Well done. So, consider your heart beat nature’s internal clock. Every beat is a tick and tock that will eventually stop. When you hear it, let it remind you to be thankful and humble. So, live. Honestly. Authentically. Boldly. Mercilessly. Fearlessly.

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