Justice-personal journal

One of my grandfather’s brothers went missing after supposedly whistling at a White woman and no one in my dad’s side of the family have seen him since. My Dad (69 years old and still kicking!) said he was named after him.

If 1000+ looters is enough to convince you to discredit well over 1,000,000 global protestors, you missed the point. The point is the why behind the protests, the distractions are the looters.

Don’t just be swept away in the hype of protests. Don’t let it trigger your mind but not change your heart. I don’t define all law enforcement by those who abuse their power, I don’t define all Whites by the KKK or white supremacy, I don’t define America by Trump, and I’m not allowing looters to define these protests.

Even amongst the wreckage humanity is resourceful enough to gain more or gain back property, wealth or income, but that cannot be done if your life is taken from you.

There will always be those that take advantage of the chaos because our world is broken. I highly doubt the protestors actively invited looters and vandalizers. I respect all entities on either side whether or not we agree, whether or not you like or love me; but the way you can figure out if you’re in this for the long haul versus being swept away in the hype is are you going to have the same level of indignation for the injustice not-televised as you have been for these that are? Why do you support the protests if your opinion can swayed by those taking advantage of the chaos?

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