Your cheering squads were liars when to my knees you could not bring

So in the might of jealousy, you tried to clip my wings

But my joints are made of teflon and the feathers forged in steel

So when that didn’t work, you worked my mind hoping I’d kneel

You told me I couldn’t do it; you had doubts right from the start

And for years I’ve suffered bruising from the falseness of your heart

When I changed my church, changed my goals, my hopes and dreams

I never thought me taking flight was enough to make you leave

I thought we’d still be “besties,” one solid in faith and true

But I have ghosts around that are more loyal to me than you

It must be for the best as what you’ll never know

Was that months ago, God already said it was time to let you go

And I didn’t want to believe it, surely that was “enemy” talk

But for weeks on end, the voice came again with no intention to stop.

So I yielded to my God and gave us over into His hand

With how everything unfolded, I know this was the better plan

I’m fond of what we had though I may not know the reason

Why letting go was best for us, but everything has its season

I truly wish you all the best, in life and happiness

And maybe through the test of time, we’ll figure out the mess

But even if not, you’re no longer a loss, I’ll truly be ok

Both of us will move on and continue in our ways

Knowing what I now know, it was clear this was a sign

That it’s hard to befriend the clouds if you don’t leave the earth behind.

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