A Reason to Erupt

Fiery with tempting unforgiveness molting on the inside, the exterior cool and collected-a dormant volcano. I should have seen from the beginning your mirage. Discerned your fool’s gold. Read your fine print. I can still feel your lies slither down my backside like snakes in the nighttime. Your false promises like leeches suckling on myContinue reading “A Reason to Erupt”

The “I’m Tired” Project

https://wp.me/p3Ca1O-b37 I don’t know if I can do this, but I’d like to highlight another bloggers incredible photography of the “I’m Tired” Project. I loved being able to go trhough all of the pictures and just feel alongside those photographed. Too often we see with our eyes than we do our hearts and minds. PleaseContinue reading “The “I’m Tired” Project”