Winning the War-Poem

It was my 7th year in middle school while I walked along the hall. It was 3:15; the bell had just ring signaling the release of us all. I was probably 12 or maybe 13, wrestling with myself and my low self-esteem. And you were the jock that I liked alot and I often drewContinue reading “Winning the War-Poem”

For the Both of Us- Poem

Remember the songs I’ve sung. The stories I’ve toldLet the lessons I taught you carry you til you’re old.I taught you what I knew though it still wasn’t muchHope that I changed your world through my temporary touch.Remember the nights that I held you, eyes filled with tearsPrayers whispered in your ears will carry youContinue reading “For the Both of Us- Poem”

I Don’t Believe – Poem

I’ve never considered myself impressive, not even in the slightest bit, Though I’m showered with compliments of my many accomplishments, the only belief that I hold to be dominant is I’m not worthy of any of it. I’m creative in nature, caring in heart and, in secret, do many good deeds The crowds can applaud,Continue reading “I Don’t Believe – Poem”