Beyond Help: A Lesson on Relationships from a Therapy Session

“Now…Can you promise me you won’t try to hurt or kill yourself? Or that you would go to the ER if you wanted to?” says my therapist at the end of a session. “I…can…try…” I reply hesitantly. “Yeah, if you’re going to do that I don’t think we can work together. Very selfish I know,Continue reading “Beyond Help: A Lesson on Relationships from a Therapy Session”

Suicidal Thoughts: An Inconvenient Occurrence

It was 2017. I never saw her enter, and I didn’t stay long enough to see her physically exit.  I was sitting in the atrium of a building whose name I don’t care to remember below the massive glass ceiling that flooded its multi-story floors with sunlight. I was watching people weaving between each other,Continue reading “Suicidal Thoughts: An Inconvenient Occurrence”