Justice-personal journal

One of my grandfather’s brothers went missing after supposedly whistling at a White woman and no one in my dad’s side of the family have seen him since. My Dad (69 years old and still kicking!) said he was named after him. If 1000+ looters is enough to convince you to discredit well over 1,000,000Continue reading “Justice-personal journal”

Homicides and Suicides: Lessons Learned from Victims of Violent Deaths

I had a mental breakdown as I sat at my desk in February of 2020, breaking down into tears and unable to put my hands on the key board, let alone turn on the computer. I prayed and asked God to help me make it to May, because I won’t even make it through March. Continue reading “Homicides and Suicides: Lessons Learned from Victims of Violent Deaths”

Minutes to Never – Poem

I woke up this morning, eyes still red and puffy, dried streaks of tears once there,My heart still heavy, burdened, A levee, by the memories we once sharedOne life, one moment, one laugh, one love; flooding thoughts of my soul about youNot one minute, one smile, one touch in a while, until I am inContinue reading “Minutes to Never – Poem”