Can You Describe Depression? -A Question From a Friend

Then it dawned on me, this is depression. Or rather…one of the best analogies I could use to communicate it. Someone once asked me to describe depression. It can be difficult to fully and  accurately describe an illness that silently affects someone in a variety of ways, but I did my best with an unlikelyContinue reading “Can You Describe Depression? -A Question From a Friend”

I Don’t Believe – Poem

I’ve never considered myself impressive, not even in the slightest bit, Though I’m showered with compliments of my many accomplishments, the only belief that I hold to be dominant is I’m not worthy of any of it. I’m creative in nature, caring in heart and, in secret, do many good deeds The crowds can applaud,Continue reading “I Don’t Believe – Poem”

Beyond Help: A Lesson on Relationships from a Therapy Session

“Now…Can you promise me you won’t try to hurt or kill yourself? Or that you would go to the ER if you wanted to?” says my therapist at the end of a session. “I…can…try…” I reply hesitantly. “Yeah, if you’re going to do that I don’t think we can work together. Very selfish I know,Continue reading “Beyond Help: A Lesson on Relationships from a Therapy Session”