Our days are numbered. You don’t have to be a believer in God to understand that everybody passes from this earth someday. Death will take anyone and everyone at any time through a variety of means. Unlike humanity, death does not discriminate: the youngest and the oldest, any and every race, the famed and unknown,Continue reading “So…LIVE”

Who’s the Invisible Man? – Poem

Have you noticed the invisible man behind the bloody scenes?In every news cast of the slain, he’s all I’ve ever seen. Yes, he is invisible but can be seen by fewBy those who seek to understand the truth beyond the news He is famous, but ignored by the devious lotWhen I ask people around me,Continue reading “Who’s the Invisible Man? – Poem”

Church Hurt: Moving on in Peace without Losing my Faith

For years I tried to balance out not getting therapy with doing religious activities in a sisterhood of churches I attended for almost a decade. The last of these churches I attended before leaving the organization entirely was always active in some way. Small group bible lessons on fridays, church on sundays, one on oneContinue reading “Church Hurt: Moving on in Peace without Losing my Faith”