Ghosts – Poem

I remember when my world changed and I opened up my soulAnd allowed my heart to feel the things I thought were once too boldI used to never let myself have the wishes my spirit requestedI’d ask for permission in the form of advice; waiting for approval or rejectionI used people’s opinions as a meansContinue reading “Ghosts – Poem”

Made of Stardust – Poem

I am made of stardust, the earth shivers under my skinGlittering diamonds robust with lust for the mystery buried withinI kiss the sky and watch it quake and shake to commandeerThe lightning, thunder tearing asunder the fragile atmosphereIn a desperate attempt to make amends for the troubles that I causeI shove my cheeks beget withContinue reading “Made of Stardust – Poem”

The Death of Me (Welcome!)

If I don’t write, whether you receive it or not, it’ll be the death of me. The blogs put here have no fireworks. Bummer right? It’s just a journey I live as sometimes to be honest…I don’t want to. You may believe I am seeking attention. You may believe it’s all in my head. YouContinue reading “The Death of Me (Welcome!)”