I Don’t Believe – Poem

I’ve never considered myself impressive, not even in the slightest bit, Though I’m showered with compliments of my many accomplishments, the only belief that I hold to be dominant is I’m not worthy of any of it. I’m creative in nature, caring in heart and, in secret, do many good deeds The crowds can applaud,Continue reading “I Don’t Believe – Poem”

Homicides and Suicides: Lessons Learned from Victims of Violent Deaths

I had a mental breakdown as I sat at my desk in February of 2020, breaking down into tears and unable to put my hands on the key board, let alone turn on the computer. I prayed and asked God to help me make it to May, because I won’t even make it through March. Continue reading “Homicides and Suicides: Lessons Learned from Victims of Violent Deaths”

COVID 19: I STILL Hope for Humanity – Poem

There is a time and a place for everything, nothing new under the sun, But I can’t help shake the feeling that something new has just begun. My mundane schedule of work, life and love yesterday seemed fine until this morning An enemy unseen, a Reaper brought fiend, adorning humanity as its weapon of meansContinue reading “COVID 19: I STILL Hope for Humanity – Poem”