Minutes to Never – Poem

I woke up this morning, eyes still red and puffy, dried streaks of tears once there,My heart still heavy, burdened, A levee, by the memories we once sharedOne life, one moment, one laugh, one love; flooding thoughts of my soul about youNot one minute, one smile, one touch in a while, until I am inContinue reading “Minutes to Never – Poem”

Learning from My Mother’s Death

People often commented on how strong I am to have gone through so much. But I became strong because I often had to be, not because I wanted to be. I pushed through the pain. I sucked it up, dried my tears and kept it moving. I’ve always done that. It’s the 1st survival techniqueContinue reading “Learning from My Mother’s Death”

Beyond Help: A Lesson on Relationships from a Therapy Session

“Now…Can you promise me you won’t try to hurt or kill yourself? Or that you would go to the ER if you wanted to?” says my therapist at the end of a session. “I…can…try…” I reply hesitantly. “Yeah, if you’re going to do that I don’t think we can work together. Very selfish I know,Continue reading “Beyond Help: A Lesson on Relationships from a Therapy Session”